Express Burn DVD Burning Software 7.1

Quickly burn video and data DVD, HDDVD and Bluray content in a variety of formats

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Express Burn DVD Burning Software 7.1
Express Burn DVD Burning Software 4.84

When we look at the software Express Burn, we have a tool that aims to speed up the burning process as much as possible. With this system, we have a drag-and-drop system where you click to burn the DVDs. The key attraction here relates to the speed. With some of the other systems, you have a much slower burner. Another one of the useful features here is how you can convert the files over to a different format when required. You can also record music that hasn't been turned into an MP3.

Quick Process

The process to burn a CD usually happens quickly but it depends on what kind of hardware you have. The Express Burn system helps to support high speed drives, and you have some other useful features like Video DVD authoring, HD DVD disks, Bluray and Data DVD burning. All of this has been catered for, and the program also lets you create ISO images, and you can create a big spectrum of the other data file types.

Compact and Lightning-Fast Program

When you use this program, it doesn't take up a lot of space on your computer. It works fast, and you can burn a variety of file and media formats. Where the problem comes in at, however, is how the features look like they're part of the program. Once you click on them, you realize how it actually takes place as another piece of software, and you will have to download this separately. While we don't necessarily care about downloading add-ons to help make the software better, this feels like a gimmick from the get-go. Also, it'd be nice if Express Burn were a little more upfront about these things over trying to do it quietly to get more of your business.

Why Should You Download Express Burn?

You consider downloading this software because it helps with the handling of any variety of formats. Finding a DVD burner that can do this can be hard, which is what makes this valuable. You have a winner that can do a variety of things, and you don't have to worry that it won't work for you.

Easy-to-Use Program

The software works as good or better than almost any of the other DVD burners because you have intuitive use. In all the other burners that we reviewed, none of them quite had the same appeal as Express Burn. The one thing to keep in mind with this program is how you can't bypass the anti-piracy encryptions for the Blu-ray and the DVD copy functions. Express Burn does work as a great tool for burning CDs and most of the Blu-rays and the DVDs.


  • You can handle a wide variety of formats through Express Burn.
  • The process of burning a DVD through this system works fast.
  • You have excellent and useful features like DVD authoring and HD DVD disks.


  • The software doesn't tell you about the extra features that you will have to download.

Express Burn is a CD/DVD burning utility that is designed with speed in mind. Rather than wasting time with adjusting various, trivial settings, Express Burn makes CD burning as simple as dragging, dropping, and clicking a button.

Users are often surprised to find that Express Burn makes burning CDs or DVDs so simple that even if the type of file queued to burn is not valid, the software can convert it to a usable type. This eliminates the need for users to download, yet, another program to solely convert and ready the file for burning. Once the burning process begins, the top speed that Express Burn can achieve really lies with the type of hardware you have, but the software most certainly supports high-speed CD/DVD burning drives.

Those looking for extra support will be delighted to find that Express Burn handles authoring for video DVD, data burning to DVD/CD, Blu-ray and HDDVD. ISO images and many other common file types can be created from discs using Express Burn as well.

While Express Burn is an extremely fast solution for burning large amounts of data to CDs and DVDs in a short amount of time, it also a has a few drawbacks. When using the program, you'll soon find that there are areas within the program that look like extra features. However, once you try to use them, you will be prompted to download extra software to have access to their functionality. Add-ons are commonplace in many types of software, but Express Burn makes no effort to warn users that many of its features require the downloading of extra software to work.

It's worth it to note that a "Plus" version exists for users that wish to pay for more functionality out of Express Burn. This version allows users to burn Blu-ray and data DVDs, access and use many more file types for audio CDs, and create ISO images.


  • Express Burn is extremely fast about burning CDs and DVDs.
  • If the file used to burn a DVD with is not supported, the program can convert it to a usable format.
  • The software is extremely easy to use.


  • There is not much support for music formats.
  • Add-ons might need to be downloaded in order to access certain "features" of the program.
  • The "Plus" version adds a lot of functionality to the free version of Express Burn that is already standardly included in a lot of other free CD/DVD burning software.

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